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PREMIER! Sound and movement performance „INSOMNIA“ (Lithuania / Ukraine)

Idea: Goda Giedraitytė and Donatas Bielkauskas
Choreographed & performed by: Mariya Salo (UA) and Petras Lisauskas 
Sound: Yana Shliabanska (UA) and Donatas Bielkauskas
Lights: Stasys Jamantas and Donatas Bielkauskas
Produced by: Association “Fish Eye”
Producer: Goda Giedraitytė
Supported by: Lithuanian Culture Counci
Partners: Viktor Ruban / Ruban Production ITP (UA)

Duration: 45 min.
Location: @Culture factory (Bangų str. 5A)

Performance NEMIGA is the joint work of Lithuanian and Ukrainian sound creators and dancers, created in Lviv under rocket fire, after fleeing the dangers of war to Paris and in Lithuania, which is awake and providing help.

Insomnia is the opposite of sleep.
It is a state in which we are constantly alert…
because rockets and bombs are falling overhead, and you can't fell asleep... but, on the other hand, you must always be ready.
This is a sign of resistance that does not allow us to sleep in the face of war and in the eventually emerging feeling of indifference, boredom, routine.
Memory cannot be erased..
Insomnia is also the companion of people fleeing war... it's also the comrade of people accepting the refugees.
In the face of war, we are no longer asleep... we are in a constant state of alertness...
anxiety, anger and hope choke sleep…



Photo: Donatas Bielkauskas




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